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Financial Planning Overview

Providing Financial Confidence For Life&#8217;s Unexpected Events<br/>

Providing Financial Confidence For Life’s Unexpected Events

As a financial advisor I focus on two “core” client types: pre-retiree/retiree & young working professionals ages 25-40. For the working professional our focus is wealth accumulation and debt management. I believe that it is particularly important to start financial planning at a young age. When you hear the term financial plan, do you automatically think “complicated”? A financial plan may seem daunting, but we are here to tell you that with a trusted financial professional in your corner, a plan can provide the confidence and clarity you need to tackle life’s unexpected events.

The Benefits Of Financial Planning


  • Provides the confidence needed to see progress towards financial freedom, because only 1 in 4 Americans feel financially prepared for retirement (CFP Board, 2019)
  • Allows you to create a road map with your financial professional, to see the big picture and set financial goals along the way
  • Helps you plan for the certainty of uncertainty so you can spend less time worrying about money
  • Builds a long-lasting partnership with your financial professional, based on trust and the knowledge that they understand your goals and dreams
  • Shows the impact your decisions have on the future, which can lead to smarter choices to help you meet your goals

Topics Covered By Financial Professionals 


I will work with you to uncover any issues and concerns you may not realize are holding you back from financial comfort. During the consultation, we will discuss the topics and strategies below. I will walk you through the process of gathering information to build a road map that fits your financial needs.

  • Professional debt management strategy with a focus on “financial freedom”
  • Assuring you have income for retirement so you can retire with confidence
  • Planning for life transitions, such as career change, loss of job, getting married, buying a first home, having children
  • Helping you find and understand possible tax savings
  • Preparing for an unpredicted disability or long-term illness
  • Working with client to ensure development of robust emergency fund
  • Implementing a comprehensive, needs based insurable risk assessment
  • Retirement plan asset allocation (401k, 457, 403B, etc)


Planning Costs & Service Model Expectations


Feehan Wealth Management is proud to offer a monthly subscription relationship, tailored to the planning and investment needs of young professionals. We understand that your goals and needs are unique to you. Our service model will not only implement your goals, but also address the above topics in detail. We will be in contact at least quarterly, typically two conference calls and two in office meetings. At the end of our initial consultation, discovery, and analysis, you can expect to have a professional financial plan delivered. The initial planning fee is 750 dollars, with an on going monthly fee of 150-300 dollars depending on individual complexity

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